Aymeric loves plants, but plants hate Aymeric before they die because of … Aymeric

Aymeric is sad .


IP is a digital, website and UI/UX designer. Also application integrator and programmer. Specialize on creating interactive experience online and working in the field of teaching with new technologies.

Now trying to make interactive installations unsuccessfully!

Another burned pixel by the digitalization of the world.


Kajan is a former corporate banker turned designer and artist in the making. Her work incorporates her experiences in different and opposing environments from being a Kurdish refugee to being a financial advisor, from Middle East to Europe, from Islam to Atheism and Mysticism. 

Kajan seeks to understand human motives and the questions of life. She uses film, graphics and writings as mediums of expression and quest.


Madeleine is an Austria-based Media Designer, balancing between graphic design, illustration, film, animation and photography. Her work revolves around translating observations into matter, be it physical or digital. She has been engaged in the organisation of a music festival and an environmental congress. 

Also, she has become a master in chasing the tiniest sunrays since moving to Iceland.


Digitalization in process


Sylva is interested in everything about food.

She is a restaurant designer & strategist, interior architect, project manager, food designer, branding creative and culture columnist; and has completed projects in 9 countries, including a number of award-winning, LEED-certified and sustainable restaurants.

Prior to exploring the food scene in Iceland, she was the former Head of Design of an international F&B group based in the UK, and the Design & Creative Lead in various design studios.

She has now shifted her focus to design non-profit, sustainable community micro-food systems and exploring our future relationship with food and dining experience.

Verði þér að góðu!

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